Underclassmen Experience ‘David’ at Sight & Sound Theatre


Madison M. '25

The sophomores and freshmen walk into Sight & Sound Theatre. The play “David” was put on inside the theatre.

Underclassmen religion classes returned to the Sight & Sound Theatre after two years years of restrictions due to COVID. This field trip started back in the early 2000s. This year, the freshman and sophomores went to see the play, “David”.

Originally, the play was the same each year. It was called “Abraham and Sarah,” and it told the story of those two important Old Testament characters. The past few years, the company has put on a variety of plays such as “Moses,” “Samson,” and “Joseph.”

“David” is about the basic Bible story, but they expand on to make it more interesting. It lasted about two and a half hours.

“The plays are enjoyable. I’m also a big fan of the overpriced snacks that are sold at Sight & Sound,” Mr. Stopyra, a freshman religion teacher, said.

Originally, the plays were presented in the afternoon so their was always a trip at fast food restaurants for lunch on the way to the theater. But now it is much different since the shows are during the mornings.

“We meet in the cafe in the morning, then when we get to the theater, we usually have time to talk to some of the other guests, who are always impressed by the mature behavior of Padua students and then enjoy those great overpriced snacks,” Stopyra said.

The crowd at the theater can vary. Since it is a weekday, there often are other schools there but the audience is mostly groups from churches. People usually come from all over to see these performances.

The play itself is a musical, performed by professionals and the mobile staging is very “sophisticated,” he said. It includes live animals, like birds, sheep, goats and even horses.

Lexi Frick, a sophomore, had never been to Sight & Sound Theatre before seeing “David,” She learned the story from her religion teacher.

“At first I wasn’t excited, but I’ve heard from some seniors that it was really fun,” she said.