“Tall Girl 2” Fell Short of My Expectations



“Tall Girl 2” was released to Netflix on February 11. After watching the first one I would have never thought they could make a second one.

Before I watched “Tall Girl 2,” I did not have high hopes. After watching the first movie, I did not think they could possibly make another one considering how bad it was. Six-foot-tall Jody has to deal with her new popularity, but her miscommunications start causing drama between her friends and her boyfriend.

“Tall Girl 2” was released to Netflix on February 11, directed by Emily Ting. The movie stars Ava Michelle as Jody and focuses on her being taller than everyone at her school. After being bullied about her height her whole life, she overcomes it and does not ever think of her height as a problem. Jody has to find a way to deal with her popularity, but with the confusion among her and her friends, she has to stand up for herself. When she and her boyfriend Jack, played by Griffin Gluck, break up, she finds that she is uncomfortable in her skin again.

While the lesson of this movie is good for teens, I feel like the creators could and should have stopped at the first one. “Tall Girl 2” received a 63% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but I think that is way to high. The movie is a mixture of teenage romance and comedy with neither of those genres being able to stick out further then the rest. There is too mich of a mix of these genres, and it makes the movie seem too fake and harder to follow the plot. The storyline is too short and does not have much substance, so the movie just seems unfinished.

The acting seemed so fake, and overall the movie is awkward, badly directed, and very predictable. At some points I felt that I needed to look away because it got so cringey. The plot has no cliffhangers and there is really no plot even to expand on. The movie is plain and simple which does not fit what the movie seems it is meant to be. The movie seems thrown together and the scenes do not match up. One word to describe this movie is cringe. “Tall Girl 2” is not an improvement from the original “Tall Girl.” The first movie was awful and the second was much worse.