There’s Nothing Wrong with “Ron’s Gone Wrong”


20th Century Studios Fox

Ed Helms, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Thomas Barbusca star in “Ron’s Gone Wrong.” It was released in October 2021.

I started watching a movie on my couch, by myself, with my popcorn and before I knew it, my sister came down for some extra popcorn and was glued to the T.V. I went in thinking that “Ron’s Gone Wrong” was going to be cheesy and–dare I say–a waste of my time, but this film proved to be the exact opposite. It was engaging, comical, enjoyable, and it will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

“Ron’s Gone Wrong” was directed by J.P. Vine and Sarah Smith, and it was released by Locksmith Animation and Disney in 2021. Within the cast, there are some very well known names and respected actors in their field. Barney Pudowski, voiced by Jack Dylan, is the main character, young boy that receives a broken “b-bot.” Ron, the b-bot, voiced by Zach Galifianakas, is Barney’s new and unusual b-bot. Graham Pudowski, voiced by Ed Helms, is Barney’s charismatic and devoted dad.

“Ron’s Gone Wrong” begins with the opening of a new company selling the recently developed and trending “b-bot.” The b-bot was created to help kids make friends through social media by knowing everything about them. Shortly after their release, every kid in school has a b-bot except Barney, which makes for many lonely recesses. On Barney’s birthday, Mr. Pudowski runs out late at night to get a b-bot for him. The moment he arrives the store closes, but luckily for Mr. Pudowski, a delivery man is dropping off a b-bot that broke during his route. Mr. Pudowski decides to take the broken b-bot to give to Barney, but he quickly realizes it doesn’t work like the others. The b-bot, named Ron, has his safety controls disabled so he can demonstrate violence to those around him. Ron ends up fighting Barney’s bully in order to win Barney over. However, this event causes a lot of controversy around Ron, and eventually the b-bot company searches for Ron in hopes of destroying him. But this is just the beginning of their huge adventure.

I believe the reason I liked this movie so much is because of the lessons it teaches. While Ron is different, Barney still loves him, and eventually everyone wants a b-bot like Ron. It also shows how people like Savannah and Jayden, Barney’s classmates who never pay much attention to him, really care when he goes missing. All in all, I feel it is telling us to love our family and friends for who they are, which is a beautiful message for today’s world.

I would highly recommend this movie for viewers of all ages. For teenagers and adults this movie is a light-hearted, feel-good, film to escape the stress of daily life. For kids, “Ron Gone Wrong” is comical and has a moral value that will provide them with more than just a laugh.