5 positive things about being Quarantined


This COVID-19 virus has people going crazy with being stuck inside their homes. While there are a bunch of downsides to this, I have found some personal benefits that have been amazing. So here are five positive things about being quarantined.

Family Time:
A lot of people I know have been having a really hard time with quarantine because they can’t stand their families. With my family it has been a different story. Since my brother, Aiden, and I have been caught up in our after school activities, we don’t really get to see each other or our parents much. Now that school is online and sports have been canceled, we get to spend time with each other. Usually Aiden and I now go outside and pass a lax ball, play video games, or we watch a movie. We also get to spend more time with our parents, in which we usually watch movies and my mom and I binge watch TV shows. We also actually have time to talk to our extended family in West Virginia. That is really nice because we only see them at most three times a year for short periods of time.

Home projects:
For a while now I have been wanting to completely flip my room. My mom let me paint it when I was six because I “threw a fit” at Lowes for the Hannah Montana “rocker girl purple”. Obviously I wanted to re-paint it because I was sick of the purple. So quarantine gave me a time to change my room. I ended up doing a pale yellow, kind of going for the Gilmore Girls look. Not only are we just painting my room, we also got time to paint and renovate Aiden and I’s bathroom and my parents bathroom.

More Time for Movie and Tv:
I love to watch movies and TV shows with my mom. Being stuck in the house has granted me more time to watch scary movies with my mom and eat lots of junk food. My mom and I also love to binge watch TV shows together. For example, over the summer my brother and dad were at Ohio State for a lacrosse thing, which gave my mom and I TV time to ourselves and we ended up watching a whole season of TeenWolf in one sitting. So with all the time we have, my mom and I are currently binging Gilmore Girls and I am able to catch up on Criminal Minds.

Time to Myself:
Since I was always at practice, school, or in my room doing homework, I never really had time to sit and take a breath. Now that I have a lot of time, I have been able to sit in my room and relax. I am a big believer in breaks, everyone needs a break at some point or else you will wear yourself down to the ground. So I guess this is my “break”, which I am very grateful for because now I feel more focused on what I need to do.

I love nature. I love listening to the rain and just watching birds. Like I’ve said I never had anytime to enjoy it before because I was so busy. Earlier this week it was raining, so since I was finally able to enjoy it, I pulled my chair up to my window and just sat there and watched it, then eventually fell asleep. When you’re always running around you never really get to enjoy the nature around you, but once you get that break to just look around you just think “wow”. I’ve also noticed that I’m hearing animals at night that I haven’t heard in a while. The other night, I was taking my dogs out for a walk and heard peeper frogs. I haven’t heard peeper frogs since I was six. I don’t know why I didn’t hear them for almost nine years, but I honestly think it’s because there’s no construction or people out in general.

So while we have been in the pandemic, instead of focusing on the bad things. I think it’s time everyone just starts enjoying the little things such as rain or peeper frogs. For me personally, the little things I see are what give me hope for the future.