My Coffee Addiction- Quarantine Update


At this point in quarantine, I don’t even know what week it is. Being locked up in my house hasn’t been that bad so far. I think I have been doing a pretty good job at keeping myself busy and entertained. But, I have noticed I picked up an addiction/habit. Some would say it’s bad some would say it’s good, but I have now found what I think I was missing in life: coffee.

I just have to say how much coffee has changed me. When I would go to school in the morning, it would take me about an hour to get my body ready and going. Even then, by the end of the day I was totally burnt out and exhausted. I didn’t want to go to my after-school activities, but I always just blamed it on me staying up late doing homework. Now that my body has been fully introduced to coffee, this is not the case. I’m energized within twenty minutes of waking up, and that energy lasts throughout the day. I also even have a preference of what type of coffee brand I like, I love MaxWell House.

I have had coffee before, but only like once or twice a month. I was never really addicted to it, but I did enjoy the occasional Starbucks or Dunkin’. My mom always made coffee in the morning, but I wouldn’t want it. I honestly don’t know what clicked, but one day I woke up for distance learning and I just wanted some coffee. That’s when my addiction started. Now, at first I was having only one cup of coffee which wasn’t very strong. But now, I have about three cups, with only a tiny bit of creamer in it.

Quarantine has taught me a lot about myself, like the coffee. I think this time can really help someone soul-search and learn new things about themselves that they probably didn’t know before. I honestly think everyone was too busy with life before quarantine, that we didn’t find time for ourselves. I found out that I love coffee, but some of you might find something amazing about yourselves that you didn’t know before.