ValLimar Jansen Visits Padua

Kristin L., Reporter

ValLimar Jansen is an incredibly gifted Gospel singer with a powerful and beautiful voice. She is also a talented dancer and a captivating public speaker. She touches the hearts of her audience and captures their undivided attention within just moments of taking the stage.

Jansen started singing when she was no more than 5 years old, and, since then, she has toured professionally across the country as well as outside of the US. She has sung beside many well-known artists such as Jaime Cortez and Bobby Fisher. She is married to Frank Jansen, who has also been a musician for over 30 years. Additionally, Jansen has taught as a professor at Howard University.

ValLimar Jansen is unquestionably a woman of many talents, and on March 29, 2012, our faculty and student body at Padua Academy had the privilege of watching ValLimar Jansen perform live in our school. Her boundless energy and her deep-seated passion were contagious; and her faith and spirituality were nothing less than inspirational. Our students responded enthusiastically to her performance and her message, and it wasn’t long before Jansen had our entire school singing and dancing along with her!

Jansen’s message of love identifies with our everyday principles at Padua. Her performance focuses on teaching the youth to praise God daily and spread his love amongst one another. She advocates not worshiping God half-heartedly at Mass on Sundays, but rather, praising God with enthusiasm every single day.