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2016-2017 Staff

Katie M. '17

Managing Editor

Wherever there is Chinese food and a good laugh, most likely Katie will be there with a camera. With a passion for photography, she is very excited to be managing editor for the 2016-2017 school year. Since freshmen year, Kati...

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Niki D. '20


Niki D. is a freshman at Padua Academy and is an aspiring writer and loves to read. She joined multimedia journalism because she wanted to be able to write for Padua360 and learn how to be a photographer in the process. She likes to tr...

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Maddie Z. '18


Maddie Z. is a junior at Padua Academy who is very passion about art and digital design. Her hopes are to be doing some things related to programming, IT, or graphic design because she is interested in web design, photography, and...

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Faith H. '17

Multimedia Editor

You will never meet a person who is as energetic as a puppy that drinks red bull, while at the same time as sleepy as a sloth. Faith H. is a senior at Padua Academy and is commonly mistaken as a freshman due to her limited hei...

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Kelsey E. '20


Kelsey E. is a determined, confident, and fun loving freshman. Kelsey says that sleeping and socializing with people are easy activities for her. She is motivated by success in whatever she does. Kelsey already knows what she w...

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Gabby C. '18

Associate Editor

 Gabrielle “Gabby” C. is a junior at Padua Academy and the associate editor for Padua 360. She has always had an interest in writing and photography since the age of eleven. She also loves a good story, which is the reas...

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Clare M. '20


As an incoming freshman this year, Clare M. is looking forward to meeting new people and trying different things. Driven by the motivation to become very well rounded at Padua, Clare has already started off her year with a spo...

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Shannon M. '19


Shannon M. ‘19 is sophomore at Padua and the school newspaper is the number one thing on her mind during the course of this year. Her goal is improving and developing a better newsite by interviewing, writing stories, and articles a...

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Olive D. '19


Olive D. has not let her fear of snakes and failing in school get in the way of her ambition to be successful in school and eventually go to college.  Olive is a current sophomore at Padua Academy and is interested in journalism...

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