New Year, New Resolutions


Kaleigh W., Reporter

Every January, thousands upon thousands of people make New Years resolutions. Several trends in resolutions develop over the years and are always on the top of the list, while some are personal goals for the new year. Many Padua students have made resolutions, both widely popular and personally important.
Almost every year, losing weight and getting fit top the resolution charts. Gyms and fitness clubs offer special deals for the incoming horde of people, but most of the memberships go unused. According to a Time magazine article, the amount of people at the gym goes back to normal by mid-February. Marguerite Beane (‘16) said, “I think a lot of times people say, ‘I wanna lose weight’ But we all know that never happens.” A great way to keep this resolution, or any resolution, is to find a motivation. Maybe plan a trip to the spa, but only go after working out for at least ten days.
Another resolution that is popular is to try something new. “My new years resolution is to try something new. It could be a food, a sport, a study habit, anything!” said Alex Roat (‘16). Trying something new could open up a whole new world of possibilities, whether it is career options, ways to do better in school, or just a new favorite. It does not need to be extraordinary; even just attempting small things could provide opportunities.
Similar to losing weight and getting fit, eating healthier seems to be a resolution that trends time and time again. One Padua freshman, Sophie Elliott, said that her resolution is to cut back on coffee. Removing an unhealthy item from the day’s menu is a fantastic way to get started on the road to a healthier diet. If taking it out completely seems like too much, simply cutting back on unhealthy food every day is a good alternative.
These are a few of many resolutions that are popular around Padua and around the nation. Although they can be hard to keep up with, finding a motivation can provide an incentive to sticking with a resolution. Persevering through the trials of keeping a resolution can bring many unexpected rewards.