Ava R. '19, Reporter

Heals or flats?  


Is your room clean or messy?

“My room is dirty”

Have you ever stolen anything from each other? If so then what was it?

“Yeah I steal clothes from her”

Who is the more humble one / talkative one?

“Emma is way more talkative than I am, but we are both equally as humble”

Three words to describe yourself?

Funny / laid back / caring

Are you a Mom or Dad’s type of girl?

“Definitely a Dads girl”

Would you consider yourself organized or unorganized?

“I am organized in some aspects like school but unorganized with like sorting my clothes”

Healthy or unhealthy foods?


Who is more athletic?

“Emma is more athletic”

Math or History?


One thing you can do that your sister can’t?

“I can move my ears and she can’t”

Complete the statement,  “My sister is..”

“My sister is the most determined person I know.”