Calling It Quits

Esosa E. '22, Reporter

Freshman Zoe Fosse has had social media for “five to six years” and has taken multiple breaks for her mental health. Fosse said that with social media she has “experienced stress from my platform to look a certain way and take ‘post worthy’ pictures.” The pressure of having to take pictures everywhere she goes because of the social media culture also spurred her decision to take a break. “Sometimes if my friends and I go somewhere, we all feel pressure to look good and take pictures, just to post them to prove that we were there,” she said Fosse realized social media has made her feel “sad from time to time and mostly self conscious” and that picture platforms such as Instagram sets high beauty standards for girls. Fosse then took a social media break which “helped me get in touch with reality and my surroundings” and “change my perspective in a beneficial way.” However, Fosse mentioned that social media has helped her “make a large number of my friends,” some of which she would not have made without it.

Esosa E. ’22
Zoe Fosse has decided to quit social media several times.