Keeping It Up

Esosa E. '22, Reporter

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Freshman Jenna Haughton has also had social media for about five to six years. Although Haughton has taken a break from social media once, she said, “I wouldn’t take another break from social media because it makes me less bored. For Haughton, taking a break is too hard especially because her social media is part of her everyday life. “On Snapchat, I have to send streaks every morning and open other people’s snaps and respond,” she said. “When I have nothing to do or when I’m alone I can just go on my phone and look at what’s going on.” Haughton enjoys being able to easily access “recent things that are happening.” Social media has been a stressor for her, by constantly “making me procrastinate by going on it for hours while I’m doing homework.” However, it has assisted Haughton especially when she separated from some of her friends who went to different high schools. She said, “[social media] helps me communicate with people I don’t see a lot.”

Esosa E. ’22
Jenna Haughton has decided to keep up with her social media.