First Wildfires and now Floods?


Mark Evans

What Sydney looks like during the storm.

In Australia, wildfires broke out in September of 2019 and they have still burned all the way into 2020. The fires started because of the climate in Australia. The climate is very dry and extremely hot. The wildfire was very devastating and destroyed many peoples’ belongings. It also burned wildlife too.

The fires spread in every state in Australia but the fires were strongest and destroyed a lot in New South Wales. These fires have even gone through the Blue Mountains. In Sydney, Australia the air was so contaminated with smoke that it was said to be eleven times the hazardous level.

CNN said, “Humans can also be to blame. NSW police have charged at least 24 people with deliberately starting bushfires, and have taken legal action against 183 people for fire-related offenses since November, according to a police statement.”

According to Bloomberg News, a wildfire that burned out an area eight times the size of Manhattan has been put out as torrential downpours across Australia’s east coast brought relief to firefighters who have been battling blazes for several months.

19,000 houses did not have power after the storm. The rain destroyed 312 homes and destroyed 1.2 million acres of land.

ABC News stated that “Torrential rain lashing Australia’s east coast on Sunday has extinguished a major wildfire and caused widespread flash flooding.”

“I think what Australia is going through is very sad and I will continue to keep praying for them,” said Grace Manzolillo, a freshman at Padua.

Australia is experiencing very odd weather. They first had to deal with the wildfires and then they had to experience the floods. The outcome from the fires and floods was very tragic and heartbreaking.