High School Stresses Us Out

Sammi D., with Alaina T and Kaitlin M.

As teenagers today, stress is part of our lives whether we like it or not. It seems as though we can never escape it, and it is always finding new ways to reach us. Stress can bring out the best or the worst in people. It consumes our lives and drives us crazy. In high school, stress is not just part of our lives, it becomes part of who we are. When stress becomes part of our lives, we each must find ways to cope with it. There are many differences in the way boys and girls experience, cope with, and handle stress.

According to Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler, girls experience stress in many ways but the four most common forms are the increased need to be successful in academics, extracurricular activities, social life, and appearances.

      • Academics: “everything counts for college”.
      • Social: relationships with friends and teachers
      • Extracurricular activities: build up college resume and be social
      • Appearance: body image, clothing, and make-up

Stress also increases as students move up in grade level because school work increases and social lives expand. Every year the workload increases, the expectations are higher, and the stress rises to a point where students are about to explode.

Girls, especially, stress over their social lives. They feel like they constantly have to monitor their social lives by regularly checking their relationships with peers and teachers. Teen girls also become stressed because of their appearance; body image, clothing choices, and make-up style are things that teenage girls frequently worry over. Girls also keep the fact that they are dealing with stress a secret which could be very harmful to the girls’ mental and physical health, which can affect every aspect of their being. Stress can make girls tried, which makes them moody, easily angered, and even less aware of their surroundings. Stress may even affect their health and if not dealt with properly, it could worsen over time. Different diseases, including the following, can develop if stress is left untreated.

      • depression
      • alcoholism
      • asthma
      • fatigue
      • hypertension
      • irritable bowel syndrome

In high school, stress seems to be that annoying presence that refuses to go away. It constantly burdens us as we struggle through the hardest times. It prevents us from getting sleep as we wonder if our homework, projects,and etc are done right. Stress interferes with our social lives to the point where we cease to do have one. Even when we think stress goes away another problem surfaces in its place, and the worrying, the complaining, and the arguing are renewed. Even if there may not seem like a cure for stress there are always ways to minimize it.