Secret Santa Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank

Nicole O. '20, Writer

Secret Santa is a Christmas tradition for many people. This festive tradition often takes place between family members, coworkers, and friends around Christmas time. There are many ways people give their gifts, but the typical method involves picking a name out of a hat and purchasing a gift for the person picked. The twist is that no one knows who you have. Often, people are unsure of what to buy, especially if the budget is low. Below is a list of the top secret santa gifts to give people during this Christmas season:

  1. Gift cards are a great gift, especially when unsure of what to give them. This shows there was thought put into their interests and just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not enough. Some good gift cards ideas are American Eagle, Sephora, Nike, Amazon, or even local restaurants they like.
  2. Beauty products, like mascara, eyeshadow, and lip colors, that are high quality with low prices are amazing gifts to give a makeup loving friend. Good makeup in this category would be NYX, Colourpop, Sephora Brand, and Ulta Beauty.
  3. Other cosmetics that are great with filling up their bag even more are eos lotions, sheet face masks, scrunchies, and face washes.
  4. Mugs and reusable water bottles can be filled with other small things. Instead of buying a paper bag or wrapping a gift with something that will be thrown out later, you can give them something they can use over and over again. Hot chocolate mix and marshmallows are a great filler that also can get anyone into the Christmas spirit.
  5. For any friend in need of stress relief, bath bombs, adult coloring books, tea bags, scented candles, and books that interest them are good
  6. Sweatshirts, sweatpants, fuzzy socks, and cozy blankets are some safe gifts anyone would love during the Christmas season to stay warm. Other gifts that are great during the winter are scarves, earmuffs, gloves, and boot socks.
  7. Rings, chokers, necklaces, and anklets are thoughtful gifts for jewelry lovers. Trinket dishes and jewelry organizers are also good gifts to give someone who you know owns a lot of jewelry or little things that are in need being organized.
  8. Gifts for your music and phone loving friends would be a popsocket, earbuds, headphones, or a charger cord. These gifts are very useful because you can use them on a day-to-day basis.
  9. Sports jerseys or sport team merchandise for professional or college level teams is a gift that any sports fan would love. Sports jerseys or t-shirts come in handy in tons of situations and are practical wear for those you know love a certain sports teams. Some examples of great sports merchandise would be beanies, hats (more options here), bags, cups, bowls, and anything else you can find with the sports team’s logo on it.
  10. If you cannot find anything that is suitable for their gift, candy or their favorite food or drink is a great option that will always workout. This is a great option because you can never go wrong with giving someone their favorite food or drink.