Blue Gold’s Annual Pie Auction


Amanda J. '21

Blue Gold Pie Auction

Amanda J. '21, Reporter

Each year, students and staff have the opportunity to bring home a pie in time for Thanksgiving. On Nov. 20, the day before Thanksgiving break, Blue-Gold held a pie auction to support their organization.

“Blue Gold supports those with cognitive challenges and disabilities. We support organizations such as the DFRC, Special Olympics Delaware, the Mary Campbell Center, and more,” Mrs. Pugliese said.

All members of Blue-Gold either baked or bought a pie to bring in. In total, one hundred and fifty-three pies were brought in, and all of them were taken home by a student or member of staff.

During lunch, students from Blue-Gold sold tickets to those who wanted to raffle for a pie. A single ticket was 50 cents, while 3 tickets were a dollar. After a student purchased a ticket, they had the opportunity to place them in a bag beside the pie that they wanted.

After the two lunches finished, the Blue-Gold members chose a name from each bag randomly, deciding on who could take the pie home. The pies were left in the cafe so students could pick them up after school.

Pies are auctioned as a tradition because many people are preparing for the holidays. Pies are traditionally served as desserts on both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

All money made from the auction supports Blue Gold activities throughout the year such as field trips to help with Special Olympics Programs and other events.