Academic Bowl Meet: A Success

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Academic Bowl Meet: A Success

On Thursday, January 30, the Academic Bowl team attended the much anticipated championship meet at Salesianum. Although the day was full of nerves and excitement, the team performed very well to attain third place in the competition. They successfully beat Saint Mark’s 175 to 170.

The team of nine, with three juniors, five sophomores, and one senior, answered a wide range of questions, with topics such as history, politics, geography, science, and a variety of other challenging categories.

This year, the team was represented by Heather Banas, Abby Freebery, Annie McTaggart, Grace Donaher, Emily Malone, Gina Rufo, Caitlin Kennedy, Meredith Kuchma, and Geneva Laur.

Despite the tough competition, the team felt confident with their results. “I think we put together a very strong effort,” said junior Abby Freebery.

Rufo, who has been on the team in previous years, also reflected on the team’s performance. “We worked very hard and I think the score reflects that,” she said.

The team met several times after school to prepare for the competition. Led by Dr. Bozanic, the team practiced questions from previous quizzes and improved their quick-thinking skills and response times.

Overall, the championship was a good sign for the future success of Academic Bowl. “I’ve loved being on the team for so long,” said Heather Banas, a junior. “It’s a lot of fun and I hope we can do well next year as well.”