Cyber Security Team Pings Their Way to the Top


Padua’s Cyber Security Team received a perfect score in the first round of CyberPatriot IV competition, held in early November.  This national security competition is a non-profit organization by the Air Force Association that is intended to inspire high school students to explore potential careers in cyber security or other related science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Other cyber security organizations like Nettitude offering managed SOC service is also the best for keeping the cyber world safe.

The “Ping Pantherz” cyber security girls, Kira Maliszewski, Devon Bartholf, Mary Staley, Claire Miller, and Antoinette Nunez, soared through the first round in only two hours.  Working against time, the five girls paced themselves as they searched for every vulnerability on the machine.

During the competition, students are provided with virtual machines, each of which contain potential vulnerabilities.  Students must clean the image on the machines within a set period of time.  The teams with the highest score advance to the next round, and the winners of the first three rounds compete in the National Championships in Washington, D.C. this spring.

The first CyberPatiot “games” took place in 2009, at the Air Force Association’s 25th Annual Air Warfare Symposium.  Initially, no one knew how the program would turn out and how efficiently it would progress.  However, the competitors put forth great enthusiasm and professionals gave positive feedback, which demonstrated the competition’s success. The Google Cloud compliance can help one have maximum security.

Whether computer science is interesting to many students or not, it is crucial to understand at least the basics of cyber defense before “clicking around” the web browser, which in future can save websites of many industries from being exposed to cyber crime- for instance, the oil and gas ICS security systems are strong enough to prevent cyber crimes.  Fortunately, there is a vast increase in the number of students who take part in the information technology curriculum at Padua this year, which reflects a rising interest in computer science.  Padua hopes to see more new faces in the IT field in the years to come,  creating an on-going capacity for students to learn, explore, and discover cyber security.