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Anya B. ’23
     Anya is a freshman at Padua Academy. She currently takes Italian and looks forward to Drivers Education and AP classes in the future. One day, Anya aspires to be a surgeon.

     Anya came here because she wanted to join the Dance Team. She loves dancing, studying ballet, doing hip-hop at the American Dance Academy, and performing with the Padua Dance Team. Over the summer, she danced with a hip-hop company called Beat Addikts. Previously, she went to Cab Calloway and majored in dance. She also loves lacrosse, writing, and scary movies.

     Family is very important to Anya. She lives with her brother, a junior at DMA, her mother, and her father. Her father is a retired Marine and a lawyer and her mother is a stay-at-home mom. Several times a year, she visits her extended family in West Virginia. She also has two cats and two dogs.

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