Music of Today: Unique or Overdone

Music has evolved over the past few decades. From the happy era of the 50’s to the rock era of the 70’s, each decade has their own style of music, but could today’s style be getting old? In this article I’m going to talk about my opinions on today’s music, and spoiler alert: it’s not the best.
Music of today tends to be both unique and over done. To elaborate, there are new sounds and voices coming from everywhere, like Billie Eillish for example. She has her own style and vibe to her music, and no one expected a singer with such a soft voice that would make fans fall in love. However, with these new sounds, the genre of the songs haven’t changed.
I find that most songs of today are either about falling in love, heartbreak, or getting cheated on. This genre is being used so much, and quite frankly it’s getting very old. Even the sound and backbeats of the music are getting old.
From what I’ve listened to in the past 10 years, most songs are usually in piano or guitar. Billie Eilish, as an example, brings a new sound to the pop industry. Even though some of her songs are not about love, her sound is different, which makes people attracted to her music.
Since I think most songs are played on either piano or guitar, I’m already depressed before I even hear the singer sing. This is fine when you’re in a sad mood, but when I’m not, I just think “ughh.”
One of the reasons why I like 70’s-90’s music is because even though there were sad songs, the singers wouldn’t usually cry about their heartbreak over piano. Paula Abdul’s song “Cold Hearted Snake” was about a breakup with a guy who didn’t care about her, but the song itself was upbeat and made you want to dance. The songs back then were upbeat and happier than the songs of today.
The singers back then also sounded like how they sounded on the record. Today, there is so much autotune used that someone who is a very bad singer, can sound very good.
So yes, music is evolving, but the sound and genre is getting old. Now that the decade has ended, it just makes me wonder what the new decade of music will sound like.