Student Council Installation

Marissa B., Reporter

The Padua community recently gathered in the Cafe for the annual Student Council Installation. Many new students vowed to take on the responsibility as a student council member to represent their peers and school.  Classmates elected many new members as each homeroom selected two homeroom representatives.  The sophomore, junior, and senior classes chose four trustworthy officers to represent their grade after  the candidates gave a speech expressing their eligibility.

Sophomore Class Officers
Maeve Clair
Shannon Steiner
Angie Spadaccini
Lucy Vavala

Junior Class Officers
Monica Twardowski
Veronica Slater
Emily Branson
Molly Wierzbowski

Senior Class Officers
Chaney Giordano
Allison Halt
Brenda Crowley
Olivia Allegretto

Executive Officers
Jordan Bennet
Mary Kate McGurk
Jessica Peel
Christina Calvano

Additionally, student council officially inducted the four seniors into their roles as executive officers. During the ceremony, the members received a contract and stated the pledge as they lit the new candle of faith filled leadership in our school. Jordan Bennett spoke to the community about the adjustments at Padua and what to look forward to in this upcoming year. Mrs. Mann closed the ceremony with a talk about the importance of leadership in every student during their academic career both in high school and college. The new members of Student Council left that day with a new sense of confidence but at the same time, a whole new level of responsibility.