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Padua Talent Show was a Winter Hit

Silinda C., Reporter

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On Friday, February 24, Padua hosted its first talent show in 15 years. The show started at 7pm in Padua’s cafeteria. Many girls came out to show off their talent. The show included a variety of performances such as singing, dancing, and various instrumental performances by:

  • The Padua Academy Dance Team
  • Nicole Dittbrenner
  • Brittany Pham
  • Sophie Gangemi
  • Moira McCarron & Colleen Murray
  • Cheyenne DeShields
  • Sarah Bridge
  • Amanda Martella
  • Sarah Hutnick & Laura Schleiniger
  • Veronica Slater
  • Colleen Moore
  • Lauren Smith
  • Kara Campese
  • Lara Ballintyn
  • Kelsey McGarry
  • Kassi Snook
  • Jacque Dorsch
  • Mikaella Schmitt
  • Maggie and Bridget Fassano
  • The Baby Pandas

To kick off the show the Dance team danced to the song “Believe.” Next we had many singers, one of which was sophomore Kara Campese who was asked what influenced her decision to be in the talent show. Kara replied, “My friends really helped influence me to be in the talent show because I have never performed in front of anyone before and they gave me the strength and courage to do it.” Kara was also asked how she felt before going on stage and she said, “I was really excited to get on stage because I have never performed in front of a crowd before. I also loved hearing everyone clap for me because it gave me so much confidence.” Another singer, sophomore Bridget Fassano says, “Being on stage was at first nerve racking, but after a while I got into it and it turned out to be really fun.” The show ended with a dance performed by the Baby Pandas, who are young dancers that perform with our Padua Dance Team. You could tell that the audience enjoyed the show because of their applause. The proceeds from the talent show helped benefit Padua’s oblate school in India. Thank you to all of the performers, the student council, and everyone else who helped out with the talent show. We are all anticipating the arrival of next year’s talent show!

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Padua 360 - Your Source For All Things Padua
Padua Talent Show was a Winter Hit