Padua Musical Tech Week

Niki Dupree, Writer

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On February 3rd-5th, Padua conducts the play, Into the Woods. Before the actors and actresses take the stage, they go through an enormous amount of practice during tech week. There are so many people involved in this production, whether you are on the stage acting or backstage getting everyone ready for the stage. For the first couple of days, the actors and actresses ran through the play while hair and makeup crew weren’t able to do much hair and makeup because some of the actresses were able to do their own.

Hannah S’ 20, who is on hair and makeup crew say says, “It would be better if we were able to do more hair and makeup because pretty much all of the actresses do their makeup, but other than that I am really excited about the play”

Throughout tech week, the cast run through the whole play. They endure long hours from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., but some say they still have fun. Carina S. ‘20 says, “It’s fun because we get to hang out with our friends. It is our last week of practice so it is full of memories and fun moments.”

Even though they have to stay long hours practicing, it will pay off according to Mary M. ‘20, a freshman who usually stays to see practice says “ They are really good and I’m excited to see it! I think that both stage crew and the actors and actresses will make the production amazing”

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