Brandywine Zoo Goats: The Greatest Of All Time

In the midst of the industrialized city of Wilmington, Delaware lies a hidden gem along the Brandywine River: the Brandywine Zoo. The 4.7-acre zoo has been established for over a hundred years since its opening in 1905. Of all their exhibits, only a handful are allowed to stay outside year round. Among that group is one of their more popular enclosures, the African Pygmy goats.

Caitie B ’19
Charleigh taking a stroll through the enclosure.

The Brandywine Zoo is the current home to three goats: Charleigh, Dash, and Nike. They are in an enclosure where any zoo goers can open the gates to pet the goats. Having the goats open to the public for petting has not been problematic as people tend to show respect towards the animals. Goats escaping due to people leaving the gates open is not a fear as the goats are highly trained and can easily find their way back to their exhibit on their own. Katelin Stroman, a zoo employee, believes that having an interactive exhibit greatly contributes to the business in a positive way, and many patrons agree. “Goats are fun. They have quirky personalities,” said a mother of two who greatly enjoys coming to pet the animals.

Caitie B ’19
Charleigh, Dash, and Nike enjoy dinner time.

The success of the goat exhibit has prompted the zoo to begin to undergo some changes expected to take ten to fifteen years to complete. The current otter exhibit will be replaced by a larger contact area equipped with multiple species of goats. A Madagascar exhibit with lemurs and tortoises will take the place of the llamas. The zoo “is always looking to improve,” said general curator, Lynn.