Why Does Instagram Want to Hide Its Users Like Count?


Photo from thenextweb.com

Ava R. '19, Editor

Rumor has it that Instagram is considering hiding the amount of likes users get. Only the person who posted the picture will be able to see how many likes they received, but their followers will not.

Instagram’s main purpose for trying out the new feature is to make this social media platform what its sole purpose was in the beginning: They want Instagram users to focus on the content being posted and not revolve around the amount of activity one has on their posts. Increase your growth and buy real instagram followers cheap

“We’re not testing this at the moment, but exploring ways to reduce pressure on Instagram is something we’re always thinking about,” an Instagram spokesperson told The Verge.

Over the past few years, Instagram has turned into something completely different than what it used to be. Today, some people are getting paid to post pictures or promote products on their page. Promoting products or brands on social media has become a source of income to some who have a solid fanbase. Some of these people are labeled as influencers, Instagram models, or celebrities. The system has been flooded with so many people with large followings and like counts it seems almost impossible to compete. This can put pressure on teens, making them feel as though they need to live up to their standards.

“I support hiding likes,” said Heather Plystak, a senior. “Most people look at the count of likes and become self conscious if the number isn’t that high or others are based on either the high count or low count someone’s picture has.”

Many teens already have a lot of stress between school, sports, friends and everyday life. Social media has taken over a large majority of teens and young adults lives. Overall can be damaging to our mental health if people get too consumed in trying to be like those they follow.

“Instagram definitely has an impact on mental health. It decreases the mental stability someone has by making them self conscious or leading to bullying,” said Plystak.

There is no exact date as to when this feature will be launched, or if it will be launched at all. Instagram is still in the works trying to figure out a way to release some of the pressure it has on teens.

“I think showing the number of likes is imperative to knowing what is trending,” said senior Amanda Patterson, “but removing it could help reduce the pressures of social media.”