Uses of Smart-phones in School


         Many students have smart-phones. Whether it is the latest iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy, students can be found on their phone. Though there are negative effects of students using phones in school, such as texting other students during class, phones can also be useful throughout the day for good reasons. Some of these reasons include the ability to check email, record lectures, and take a picture of a diagram or chart from a lesson to refer back to after school. Freshman Grace O. uses her phone to keep track of time and to update her parents on extracurricular activities and when she needs to be picked up after school.

Additionally, there are many useful apps that can be downloaded onto a smart-phone that a student may find helpful. You can visit this site right here to maintain your phone so that you can use these apps to your heart’s content. Apps such as WordReference for studying foreign languages, Dictionary to define words for literature, and Quizlet for all studying purposes are very helpful and used throughout the school day. “I use my phone to check the time and sometimes when I forget my calculator for math, I just pull one up from my phone,” says freshman Madison H. Other students, like Madison, use their phone for similar purposes. Students also listen to music before and after school to get prepared for things that occur during the day.

When playing a sport in high school, practices are frequent and schedules can change at the last minute. Athletes who cannot drive themselves are able to make sure they have a ride after a practice or a game. As well as school athletics, students might also be a part of extracurricular activities that require time after school. Sending a quick message to alert a parent of a change in schedule can be useful so that people aren’t waiting longer than necessary. All these reasons are good uses for a smart-phone before, during, and after school. Reasons for using a phone include small things, such as taking a picture of notes, checking emails, or recording lectures, and bigger things, like pulling up an app for a quick reference, or alerting parents of a change in schedule for after school events.