Pizza by Elizabeths

CM2, Writer

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Pizza by Elizabeths, an elegant, yet casual restaurant, is a gourmet pizza eatery located in Greenville, Delaware. Since 1993, Pizza by Elizabeths has been serving fresh pizza, salads, and desserts for guests attending baby showers, wedding rehearsals, birthday parties, and more. I visited Pizza by Elizabeths recently for the first time in many years for a sweet sixteen dinner. A stylish and swanky spot for dinner, Pizza by Elizabeths proved to be a fun location, with the atmosphere as enjoyable as the food. Pizza by Elizabeths is a unique restaurant serving a fresh take on a classic dish, making any dine-in an enjoyable experience.

Arriving at 6:30 in the evening, just during the dinner rush, the hostesses greeted my friends and I with polite smiles and seated us immediately at a reserved table for a friend’s birthday party. The waitress was extremely friendly and caring, as she seemed like she really enjoyed working in the restaurant. She visited our table frequently to make sure our water glasses were always full. The appetizers included breadsticks with pesto, alfredo, and marinara sauces and caesar salad. Both appetizers were delicious and fresh. The main course was pizza, of course. The waitress brought out five pizza pies for our table, all hot and fresh. The pizza was thin crusted, with the perfect amount of cheese and sauce. The slices were a decent size, not too big or too small. The rest of the evening was enjoyable, as my friends and I socialized and took pictures in front of the swanky decor.

Pizza by Elizabeths has been open since 1993 in Greenville, Delaware, serving fresh, high quality, and all-natural dishes daily. With fifty tables, a bar and lounge, and takeout area, Pizza by Elizabeths was founded by friends Betsy LeRoy and Betty Snyder, who were home cooks and shared their recipes with one another. After Snyder allowed her children to make their own pies on during her family’s traditional Friday pizza night, the idea for Pizza by Elizabeths grew. Over the past twenty-five years, the restaurant has grown to serve more dishes, such as crab cakes, lasagna, steak, and fettuccine with meatballs. The glamorous restaurant has become a favorite among teens and adults alike.

My experience at Pizza by Elizabeths was a fun and memorable one. Not only was the food delicious and fresh, the atmosphere was unique and unlike any other restaurant I’ve been to. With its stylishly dressed mannequins, antique mirrors, chandeliers, orchids, and murals, Pizza by Elizabeths has an eclectic ambience that matches no other restaurant. I enjoyed the environment and overall mood of the restaurant, which definitely made it stand out from other places. The impeccable food combined with the swanky feel of Pizza by Elizabeths made my dinner an unforgettable experience.

Overall, my Pizza by Elizabeths experience was highly successful and I will definitely be returning. The restaurant was a fabulous spot for a party, a get-together with friends, or just a family dinner. The menu was large enough where everyone could find something to eat, or of course, order a pie for the table. You should definitely check out Pizza for Elizabeths for a great time and some great pizza. Once you do, you’ll want to go back as soon as possible.

Review by Claire Sunshine

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