Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Review

Hannah B. '23, Reporter

“Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” recently came out in theaters and already has  people liking it. This movie is a sequel and has lots of action, but also can be pretty sentimental. 

The director of “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil” is Joachim Ronning, and the movie is an American dark fantasy adventure film produced by Walt Disney pictures.Throughout the movie, you just want to know what happens next and makes you want to watch more.  The main actors are Angelina Jolie, as Maleficent, Elle Fanning, as Princess Aurora, Michelle Pfeiffer, as Queen Ingris, Harris Dickinson, as Prince Harry and much more. The movie was made in 2019, and the release date was October 18th, 2019.

 This movie is about how even if you are very different from each other, you will always be together. The two were polar opposites but still seemed to find a way to come to peace and be with each other even during tough times.

In the movie, Prince Harry asks Princess Aurora to marry him and live their together. The family of the Prince invites Maleficent, Aurora’s godmother,  and Aurora to dinner at the palace, so they could all meet. Things were going fine until an unusual conversation that the Queen started with Maleficent went downhill. Things started to crumble into pieces between two families. It started as verbal arguments, but it turned into two sides of the kingdom going against each other.  People were scared for their life, plotting plans to kill, and harming others in the process. 

One scene in this movie really got me on the edge of my seat, and that was when Maleficent got shot with an iron ball, which could easily kill her. Throughout the movie we come to find out that there are more of her kind. They all have big wings and have similar physical features. However, Maleficent is the only one with powers that could be very dangerous to everyone around her. As you watch this certain scene it seems as if Maleficent will die because of getting shot, but one of her kind rescues her and takes her to their home where they are all plotting on how to defeat the humans who have hurt them. 

This is very important to the theme of the story because it changes how Maleficent views everything. It changes her thoughts and actions. This scene may not come off as very interesting, but it changes the course of the entire movie and ending. I do recommend this movie as it has lots of action for younger kids, but a big plot for adults. Anybody could watch this movie and love it no matter what their age is. The first reason why I recommend this movie is that it kept you on the edge of your seat the whole time. When it changed settings from one character to another, it was all so action filled and I love that feeling of being scared of what will happen next. 

I also recommend this movie because it works for everyone. Kid or adult, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing in the movie that might be inappropriate for younger kids. It’s all kid friendly. It has so many events that just made me want to watch more.  It has a lot of action, but there are some sad moments in there too, which makes it such a good movie. First I was really wondering what’s going to happen next, then I was thinking about how the person is feeling. Anybody could watch it and love it.