“Countdown” Review

Hannah B. '23, Reporter

“Countdown” is one of the newest thriller movies that just came out in theaters on October 25th, 2019. The movie has 82% rating of people liking this movie.

The director of “Countdown” is Justin Dec. The movie is a thriller produced by Sean Anders, John Rickard, Warren Zide, and John Morris. The main character in this movie is Elizabeth Lail, as Quinn Harris, Jordan Calloway, as Matt Monroe, Peter Facinelli, as Dr. Sullivan, Talitha Eliana Bateman, as Jordan Harris, and much more. 

This movie is about how a young nurse downloaded a popular app called “Countdown”, that is telling the users when they are going to die.  The movie tells the story of events that take place after the people download the app and what they can do to stop the clock. 

 Quinn Harris, who is the main character, is a nurse at a hospital when she finds out about the app from one of her patients who claims he will die in the 40 minutes. He tells her that it has to be real since his girlfriend downloaded the app and died that night.

All of it didn’t seem real to Harris but the patient ended up dying which was a cause of concern for Harris. She downloaded the app and strange things start occurring in her daily life that she couldn’t understand. She quickly realizes that she is unable to get rid of the app after trying to delete it from her phone, so she goes out to buy a new one.

When Harris is at the store, she meets a man named Matt Monroe, with the same problem and has a similar countdown to hers. They try to work together to try to stop the clock before time runs out. 

One scene in this movie really caught my eye. In this scene Quinn finds out there is a way to hack the system. Quinn and Monroe, went to a man who changed everything so they could live longer, but it didn’t stay like that. Right after the man had hacked the system and changed the dates, everything went back to the way it was before. This scene proves how the movie spirals due to the characters. The viewers also find out that in order to get rid of the app, they have to think deeper. Those 12 years old and younger might find certain images too scary and disturbing, so I find that this movie would only hit a target audience of teens and adults.

Although scary, this movie had a very good plot to it. Some horror movies just try to make the movie as scary as possible because that’s what you go to watch, but this movie was both scary and interesting. Throughout the movie, some scenes were very unexpected that made you want to watch more and question what is going to happen next. All in all, this movie was very good and I truly recommend.