Center City Restaurant Week

Melenzane Picante Pizza at Alice Pizza in Philadelphia

Maria Smith

Center City Restaurant Week allows you to dive into a world of delicious, gourmet cuisine right from some of Philadelphia’s most popular restaurants in Center City. Participants are able to make reservations for either a $20 3-course lunch or $35 four-course dinner, with restaurants ranging from brunch places, to indian cuisine, to steakhouses, to pizza shops, and much more.

Restaurant Week provides the opportunity for participants to try new restaurants they might not have considered before. William and Kera Smith attended Restaurant Week for the first time this year. “I like that there is a program promoting restaurants in the city. It gives people the opportunity to find out about restaurants they may not have otherwise known about,” said William. “The fixed prices give people the courage to try restaurants that they may otherwise skip. It is also a great option to break away from Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews and just try a place that looks good just based on the menu,” said Kera.

One of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week is Alice Pizza. Located on 15th street in Center City and originally based out of Rome, Alice Pizza provides authentic italian pasta, pizza, sandwiches, gelato, and coffee. During Restaurant Week, items on the menus includes meat and cheese tastings for appetizers, ravioli and pizza for an entree, and gelato and cannolis for dessert.

A big foodie herself, Kera spoke very highly about her experience at Alice Pizza. “We went to Alice Pizza and we absolutely loved it. The pizza was the second best pizza we ever had in the United States. My husband and I traveled to Italy many times and this restaurant was authentic,” said Kera.

Restaurant Week is more than just enjoying delicious food but according to Jimmy John’s Owner it is not only  an experience, but also an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. “It was a terrific opportunity to spend time with family and experience a great meal. It was extra special because my nieces invited us and paid for the meal and I love spending time with them,” said William.

Restaurant Week provides delicious food for a good price and good company. It will continue until January 24, 2020. To learn more about the restaurants that are participating, go to