Italianos Review

Maria Smith
Even if you are more of a picky eater, Italiano's has options. This dish is a chicken cutlet with a side of spaghetti and of course, their signature breadsticks.

Italiano’s, located in Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania, serves Italian dishes that taste just like an Italian grandmother cooked it up for her family. The small, intimate atmosphere provides a cozy and relaxed feeling, but make sure reservations are made, because seats fill up fast!

The menu at Italiano’s has a wide variety, including pasta, seafood, pizza, sandwiches, and, of course, dessert. A meal at Italiano’s starts off with a bottomless basket of their fresh homemade garlic breadsticks. These breadsticks are a heavenly combo of dough and cheese that will have you reaching for another…until you eat nine breadsticks before your meal (may or may not be based on true events).

One of Italiano’s signature dishes is the Penne alla Siciliano, a homemade penne pasta dish with shrimp, scallops, and crab meat all mixed in an aurora sauce. This dish is pure bliss, especially for seafood and pasta lovers like me!

Caitlyn Abram, a Senior at Padua, is a big fan of the food at Italiano’s. “My favorite thing to order at Italianos is the penne sicilinano, I get it every time I go,” said Abram. “One thing I love about Italianos is that the portions are big, so I always take home leftovers!”

Still hungry for dessert? Italiano’s has got you covered with a delicious assortment including cakes, tiramisu, and cannolis.

Italiano’s has won many reviews since it opened in 2008, one of them being the award for “Top Rated Italian Restaurant” from Google Plus in 2018. With low prices, amazing customer service, and good company, Italiano’s authentic eats are a must-try.