Opinion: “The Turning”

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“The Turning” Official Movie Poster

Hannah B. '23, Reporter

The Turning is a thriller movie featuring Finn Wolfhard, known for his role in Stranger Things and IT 2. Other than Wolfhard, the main actors are Mackenzie Davis, Denna Thomsen, Barbara Marten, and Joely Richardson.This movie was released on January 24th. The director of The Turning is Floria Sigismondi and it is produced by Roy Lee and Scott Bernstein.

Ratings have been 59% according to Google users. Needless to say, I thought it could have been better. The plot wasn’t intriguing nor anticipating as it had scenes that weren’t relevant to the plot and were just jumbled all over the place.

This movie is about a nanny, Kate, who goes to work for a wealthy family while taking care of 2 orphans. They live in a supposed haunted mansion and come to realize the house wasn’t as they thought it would be. Strange events started occurring and the kids started acting differently. Kate goes through traumatic events to try and find ways to make things right, as she believes that she is not safe in the mansion.

One scene in the movie that did catch my attention was when Miles, one of the orphans, went up to Kate while she was sleeping. He started saying disturbing things to her, acting as if he was being taken over by someone else. He was telling her that she wasn’t safe and showing signs of him not being stable, almost as if he went insane.

This caught my attention for various reasons, but it really was the start of the movie in my opinion. Things started to get intense and the plot actually started forming, although it wasn’t a very consistent one. One scene would go from a total scare into a touching moment with the orphans, the plot in my opinion just was scattered.

I don’t recommend this movie as it didn’t have a consistent plot, wasn’t as scary as the trailer made it seem, and I wasn’t on the edge of my seat excited to know what was going to happen next. A lot of the scenes you could just predict what is going to happen, nothing really surprised you throughout the movie.