Mamma Mia


Producing a play can take months of preparation and advanced planning, but with great effort comes excellent results. Padua’s theater program has been rehearsing for months in order for Mamma Mia to be a success.

Students from Padua along with the male students from Cab Calloway School of the Arts, Salesanium, and St. Elizabeth’s gathered in Padua’s Auditorium and performed the show live three times in three days.

The show was filled with skilled actors and one final interactive scene which included the audience singing along and dancing to the famous Mamma Mia song Dancing Queen by ABBA.

“Incredibly entertaining, and better than ever expected.” says Molly Bell, one of the audience members. The two hour play had everyone in the crowd cheering for the cast and crew members’ incredible performance and use of enthusiasm and humor.

However, it wasn’t just the audience who enjoyed the show, the students who participated had nothing but positive things to say about their experience.

“Having the opportunity to be a lead in this year’s musical meant a lot to me as a performer, and a leader. Being a senior, I felt it was a way to show the underclassman how working hard and having a strong passion can lead you to the place you want to be. I also learned a lot about myself through my research of this character,” says Fallon Grace, who played the role of Sophie.

Even with the variety of different ages cast in the musical, everyone agrees that “There are no boundaries between grades, and everyone gets along. The fact that we are all working together for long hours to put on a good show really bonds us,” says Moira Garvey, a Padua senior who took part in the show.

The show was described as “exciting, fun, and unforgettable,” says Anna Szczerba. Padua’s version of Mamma Mia was an utter success which resulted in three sold-out performances and had nothing but positive feedback.

As the play season at Padua comes to an end, there is nothing to do except wait for another marvelous show next year.