BSLS “Trivia and Treats” Event


Ava Rudawsky

The girls snacking on spring themed treats that the kitchen staff put together.

Ava R. '19, Editor

To kick off the start of spring, big and little sisters gathered together in the cafeteria on March 28 to play trivia. This event, “Trivia and Treats,” brought the girls together to compete in a trivia Kahoot with the supply of delicious treats.

Thanks to the help of Mrs. Pugliese, Mrs. Grugan and the BSLS board members this event was a success. Meeting weeks in advance the BSLS board helped to think of all the trivia questions that were used for this years event. The trivia questions fell into the categories of Padua facts, pop culture, sports and geography.

“We met to plan how the event would run and to create a variety of questions that would make for a fun trivia game,” said senior BSLS board member Madison Lennon.

One laptop was used for each group, with a total of 35 participating groups. The same groups as the Sister Super Bowl were used to make it easier for everyone to find their team. While some team members played the game, others were able to grab treats for the table and hang out with their sisters. Every year the team tries to make each event even better then the year before, introducing new ideas.

“We used the teams from the Sister Super Bowl to make it easier and added spring treats to get everyone in a spring mood,” said Madison.

The kitchen staff worked to put together the beautiful arrangement of treats that was set up in the middle of the cafe. With the theme of spring, there were festive cookies, muffins, doughnuts, chocolates, cupcakes and fruit juices.

This event was a fun way to bring the big and little sisters together to hang out and build stronger relationships while eating food and playing trivia.

“Today’s BSLS trivia event allowed me to talk to other friends I don’t get to see on a daily basis. I am grateful to be surrounded by my best friends and my amazing big sister at Padua,” said freshman Natalia Fabrizzio.

Trivia and Treats is the last BSLS event before the Legacy Ceremony. “The overall event was a success. Everyone had fun discussing the trivia with our little sisters and super bowl teams as well as enjoying some delicious snacks,” said Madison.