Blue Gold Week


Students decorated the hallways with lanterns and stars to fit in with the theme of ‘Pajama Party.’

Amanda J. '21, Reporter

Blue Gold Week has been a tradition at Padua for more than twenty-five years. Every year, students participating in Blue Gold help to set up events that raise money for the DFRC (Delaware Foundation Reaching Citizens with Intellectual Disabilities).

“Blue Gold week is such a fun-filled week with so many opportunities to support Blue Gold,” said Caroline Scalora, a junior. “From Berri Yummi to Bingo night, the entire Padua community comes together to support such great causes.”

Blue Gold encouraged students to raise money through various activities. They had the option of purchasing Berri Yummi, or frozen yogurt with the toppings of their choice. The yogurt came in on Wednesday. Blue Gold members brought in baked goods to sell during lunch on Tuesday.

“I loved all the food that they were selling,” Henlee Nevins, a sophomore said. “It was rewarding to get the snacks, but it was also rewarding because the money was going to a good cause.”

Blue Gold also raised money by encouraging students to buy merchandise as well as a dress down on Friday. Penny Wars, a tradition for Blue Gold week, promoted students to put as much change as they could in jars.

“It is important to help Blue Gold because I firmly believe in giving to others,” said Mrs. Kowalski. “We are able to provide assistance to those with special needs and help to create a more inclusive environment.”

The week ended with Bingo Night on Friday afternoon. Students, teachers, and families were all encouraged to come and participate. Six rounds of Bingo were played, and those who played had the opportunity to win gift cards.

“Bingo Night is the most fun Blue Gold event, and I really look forward to it every year,” said Margo Nauman, a junior. “Interacting with all of the children and adults, doing different fun activities, and seeing their smiles really warms my heart.”

Along with playing bingo, guests were entertained by a group of dancers who volunteered to perform during Bingo Night.

“I love seeing how much joy everyone has in participating in such a fun night,” Mrs. Pugliese said. “The performers are always fantastic.”

Everyone was also encouraged to buy tickets to raffle for baskets that were made by students in Blue Gold. Each basket had a special theme to it.

“We all spent a lot of time making the baskets, and I think it turned out well,” said Maggie Benson. “The club really came together to help decorate and put on a really great experience for the kids and adults.