An Unhealthy Lifestyle


Gia Z. '24

Here are some unhealthy eating habits that many people have picked up.

People are often in a rush and don’t know when their next meal will be, so they grab a quick bite to go or a snack for the road. Convenient food may be sugary drinks, granola bars, or chips, which are usually cheaper than healthier food like fruit.  Often, people are unaware of  what ingredients are in the food or how consuming that one snack could impact them.

 Jackie Mraz is a student in Dr. Vera Torosians’s class on international certification of biomedical nutrition. The course is focused on nutrition, healthy habits, and well being.

“Most people find it convenient and cheap to pick up fast food and serve their families,” said Mraz. “In some situations, they can be in a rush, don’t have time to prepare a meal, or cannot afford it.”

Financial issues can make it harder for a family to gather the proper amount of nutrients needed, whether they know it or not. Fast food is an easy choice because it’s cheaper than healthier food. It is already prepared, making it easier for families with financial issues, uncoordinated schedules, or good if preparing a meal is too much energy for you. 

“Overall, 79 percent of respondents said they ate fast food at least once during the three weeks,” according to a study conducted by, “and 75 percent have ongoing health issues.”

According to South Australia Health , some people do not have the resources to provide healthy, fresh, nutritious meals to their family and resort to fast food or unhealthy food. A healthy and average calorie intake each day is 2,000 calories with two fruits, five vegetables, and eight glasses of water a day. A good habit of helping support this is balancing meals based on the food pyramid or MyPlate nutrition guide. 

“Short-term effects of unhealthy eating may be stress, tiredness, or irritability,” said Mraz. “They can lead to serious health issues like being overweight, tooth decay, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart issues, cancers, or lack of self-control.”

Without access to a gym or proper exercise, it becomes harder to achieve adequate weight loss. For those who want to get rid of fats but can’t get to the gym daily may consider a laser lipo procedure. When conditioning or materials for working out aren’t available, it becomes harder for endorphins and dopamine to be released from your body, which are two necessary chemicals that can make you feel good after a workout and help relieve stress and anxiety. The post-workout feeling may be harder for some to achieve than others. In order to increase your energy, you should learn: When should I drink a protein shake, before or after practice?

“People who exercise tend to be happier and less stressed than your family members,” said Mraz. “Regular self-control also helps you control your emotions when you do feel angry or upset.” When still feeling stressed after a workout, try a 강남출장안마.

Above all, Torosian shared her biggest piece of advice.

“Eating healthy is the key to living longer,” she said.