Padua Marches for Life

Ashlyn I.

The March for Life is a national celebration for life. It’s an event where thousands of people across the country, even around the world, come join hands in Washington, D.C. to spread the word and fight against abortion. Girls from Padua Academy volunteered to join in on this walk on January 23, 2012 to show their support for prolife. Some people think the March for Life is simply parading around the streets of D.C. waving signs all day. Although this is part of the event, there is more behind just the marching. For many people, March for Life is a personal experience. There are women there who have had abortions confessing with signs that say, “I regret my abortion.”

To begin the day, nearly 17,000 people met at the Verizon Center in Washington for a rally.  Participants were from the east coast, west coast, and even as far away as Australia. At the rally participants get to interact with one another, listen to guest speakers, and enjoy entertainment by a Christian rock band. Following the rally was a mass which Bishops from all around the US attended.

The walking began at the Verizon Center stretching all the way to the capital, approximately a three hour walk, but a well-spent three hours according to Padua student, Nicole Dittbrenner. She says, “I absolutely loved it. I’m mad I’m a senior because I would’ve done it again. I got to march for something I believed in. And the rally was the best part!”

The March for Life is a nation-wide event which supports the pro-life movement. Marching in D.C. brings awareness to taking a stance against abortion. Its goal is to prove that every child deserves life. Padua girls had a great time marching together along with hearing the stories of others’ which touched their hearts.