Pennhurst 2017

Nicole O. 20'
The entrance to the building of the first scary walk. This is one of the only buildings at Pennhurst that have been restored and is in a safe condition.

Nicole O. '20, Writer

Pennhurst Asylum is a scary attraction with three scary walks and one walk in the Mayflower building where anyone can walk around and take pictures of what Pennhurst used to be before it was an attraction. The original name was Pennhurst State School and Hospital and it opened up in the November of 1908. It was opened just for the mentally and physically handicapped before that, but due to public pressure it opened up for anyone like immigrants, criminals, and orphans. It ended up closing in the 1980s due to overcrowding, lack of money and staff, and decades of neglect and abuse accusations. The Pennhurst Asylym did not open back up until 25 years after it closed. This caused the buildings to rot and decay, only leaving a handful to be restored and people to be allowed inside.