Many Pieces at Peace


Mike Sheehan

The logo for APS

Devon C. '22, Reporter

APS, or Advocacy Program for Success, is not a new organization. Starting in 2012, Mr. Sheehan brought to inspire students, make friends, and know that they are welcome and a part of this community. For APS’s sixth year, the theme is “Many Pieces at Peace.”

This theme means that everyone (students, parents, teachers, alumni, etc.) is part of a whole. Mrs. Burris said, “…even though we may have struggles and difficulties, we can always rely on each other.”

The teachers in charge of creating this theme noticed a lot of students feel pressure to achieve and to be number one which causes them to feel less valued. They want students to know that you don’t have to get straight A’s or be in AP classes to be the best. They just want you to be who you are meant to be.

Many teachers believe they could have benefited from an APS program when they were in high school for many reasons, such as getting help in nonacademic situations and their social lives, having reassurance they are supported no matter what, but most of all to meet people and to make friends outside of their friend group. This is what the heads of the APS program at Padua hope that everyone here at Padua gets from this program.

Students describe their time at APS as fun and a lot of people have grown from it. Lauren Stuckey, a freshman, said, “It has helped me become more comfortable and made me more social. I am part of a family.” Through APS, students can truly challenge one another to be a better version of themselves.