Seniors Discuss College Motives, Mail, and Merch


Maggie P. '22

Grace Stout and Amy Lauderbaugh discuss future college plans. Both seniors represented their school by wearing college sweatshirts during Senior Spirit Week.

As the college decision deadline quickly approaches, the Class of 2022 has begun to put down their deposits, buy college merchandise, and commit to the university of their choice. Seniors Grace Stout, Sara Spoltore, and Amy Lauderbaugh are some of the students who have made this big decision. While Stout plans on pursuing Psychology at West Chester and Lauderbaugh intends to join the nursing program at the University of South Carolina, Spoltore remains undecided on her major but will attend the University of Delaware.

What was the worst part of the college process?
Stout: For me, it was definitely the essay because I’m a poor writer. … But I had a lot of help from Mr. Cross so that put me at ease and it wasn’t as bad.
Spoltore: Writing my college essay and having my teacher review it because you need that feedback… but putting yourself out there and letting someone else read your life story is hard.
Lauderbaugh: I hate making decisions and I’m very indecisive.

What factors led you to make your college decision?
Stout: [West Chester] had a really good psychology program and it wasn’t as expensive as my other choice that I wanted to go to so that was my deciding factor.
Spoltore: Both of my parents went to UD so I’m a double legacy and my mom is a professor there now. I’ve grown up around the campus so I’ve always known I was going to go to UD so it was a really easy decision.
Lauderbaugh: A gut feeling. When I went to South Carolina I was like, ‘Yeah, this is it.’

How did your experience at Padua influence your major choice?
Stout: I knew early on that I wanted to go and be a therapist… but I would say part of what helped is the fact that I ended up taking a psychology class here with Dr. Bozanic.
Spoltore: Padua really helped me to explore many of my options for a potential career choice. Even though I haven’t fully decided which area I want to further pursue, I’ve discovered my passion for graphic design and communications which I couldn’t have experienced without my time at Padua.
Lauderbaugh: Coming into Padua and having all the different science classes, I learned that I have a love for science.

How much college merchandise have you bought or received so far?
Stout: My parents bought me my West Chester hoodie and I’ve been living in it.
Spoltore: Just this one sweatshirt and my parents have a lot from when they went so I have a feeling they’re going going to be giving that to me.
Lauderbaugh: Way too much. I think I have four or five sweatshirts and then a lot of t-shirts. So a lot of stuff.

If you could change anything about your college what would it be and why?
Stout: If I could change something it would be having them not contact me through my school email…I missed a lot of information
Spoltore: I wish the suite-style rooms were not only on north campus because I would love a suite-style room… but there’s nothing on North Campus so having it be close to everybody else would be nice.
Lauderbaugh: It’s a huge school. Seventy-five percent of classes are 50 or less, 25 percent are 300 or less… I would probably knock that 300 down a little but still have that big school environment.

What is one fear you have about the college experience?
Stout: I think it’s going to be finding my group of friends that I have fun with.
Spoltore: I’m so scared of meeting new people.
Lauderbaugh: I think my number one fear is those big classes… I think that’s the one thing I’m worried about, but other than that, I’m very excited for it.

How often do you receive physical mail or emails from your college?
Stout: Emails have been sparse… it’s been really frustrating. I probably get an email from them once a month.
Spoltore: I would say everyday. I don’t think it’s actually every day, maybe every other day.
Lauderbaugh: Before I put a deposit down, like once a week. After I put the deposit down, maybe like once every other week.

What is one unique fact you know about your college?
Stout: Our mascot is the Golden Rams.
Spoltore: They were the first college to do study abroad.
Lauderbaugh: The South Carolina women’s basketball school team is number one right now.