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Kids Table Tales

Caroline K., Editor

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   For some families, a staple of holiday tradition is the designated “kids table” where cousins sit with one another during meals. This is especially common in large families as there is not enough room for all family members to sit together. While the kids table means something different to every family, the memories made there are cherished by all who sit around it.


    Sophomore Reagan Widmaier recounts a time that her family’s kids table expanded to include a relative that could only be considered a kid at heart. “One time my grandmother sat with me and my cousins at the kids table,” said Reagan, “it was funny and definitely a different dynamic than just all of us kids sitting together.” For some, being at the kids table is a favorable alternative to the adult table even at an older age. “None of the ‘kids’ at the kids table are really kids anymore but there isn’t room for us at the adult table so we’re stuck. I don’t think I would want to move though because it gives the cousins a chance to get away from our parents and hangout alone.” said senior Grace Taggart. Similarly, senior Olivia Filandro loves the kids table because she is able to spend quality time with her younger cousins during holiday meals. “It’s fun because I’m older so they ask really interesting questions” said Olivia, “I don’t think I’d want to move to the adult table. Once my cousins and I played beanboozled. I wouldn’t have been able to do that with the adults.”


    Although the holidays are a time to make memories with all family members, the bond shared between cousins is unlike any other. Whether you graduate from the kids table or not, as anyone with cousins knows, when everyone is together fun times are sure to ensue. 

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