Paige Kenton: Athlete Profile


Stella W. '19, Writer

When it comes to athletics, Padua has many students who take sports very seriously. Paige Kenton, a sophomore, is one of those students. Along with her impressive academic record, Paige plays both basketball and soccer for Padua, and has done so since her freshman year. “I like both sports,” she says, “but I think I prefer soccer.”

Padua is known for having team spirit, clearly demonstrated in Paige’s experiences. “I like playing sports because you get to be part of a team and meet new people,” she says. She also expresses how enjoyable it is to travel with her team, saying, “It was a great team-building event,” as she recalls how the basketball team got to stay overnight in Washington, D. C. this year.

Along with presenting a chance to demonstrate physical capabilities, playing a sport successfully can make players feel more confident and proud of their achievements. “I remember scoring my first goal in a varsity soccer match,” says Paige. “It was really fun and the team congratulated me. It is definitely something I won’t forget.”

Of course, joining a sport is no easy task. Students must balance a taxing academic schedule and regular practices, which can be a challenge for many. Paige, however, is no stranger to pressure, and manages her time by using flex to do homework or getting a snack so she has the energy she needs to get through the whole day. “The only thing I dislike sometimes,” she says, “is when we have a really hard practice or conditioning.” Despite their exhausting nature, Paige concedes that these practices are helpful during the season.

When asked whether she would like to continue her athletic career beyond Padua, Paige responds, “I think I might continue to play in college just for fun.” Whether or not she decides to pursue sports in college, Paige is undoubtedly an athlete for life.