First APS Meeting of the Year

Niki D. '20, Writer

Padua’s held its first APS meeting of the year on September 8th. The Advocacy Program for Success, better known as APS, is a program where all grades meet with a member of the teaching staff. This was the first meeting with the new freshman who will meet their group for the next four years. Clare M., a freshman at Padua says “ The APS meeting was really welcoming and it made me feel a part of the community already”.

During this meeting, groups participated in icebreakers to get to know the incoming freshman and to catch up with returning members. This week’s APS meeting consisted of a video and reflection of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In the video, current Padua faculty and staff recounted their day when the attacks occurred. “I cried while watching the video. It was a lot to take in at that moment,” says Clare M.

After reflecting on the video, students quietly penned in journals given to them by their instructor. “I think it was a great start to the year”, Clare says. “Talking about such a sad topic with my group seems like it brought us together. I’m excited for the rest of the year with them”.