Hungry Pandas Cake Decorating Contest: Photo Gallery


Ms. Wilk and Ms. Scarpone's team pose with their creation.

Stella W. '19, Reporter

On January 30, students, teachers, and judges gathered in the cafeteria to take part in the Hungry Pandas cake decorating contest. Five teams competed, each led by two teachers. The contest was organized by Mrs. Poppiti and Ally Stuebing, and was ultimately a large success.

The teams were as follows:

Team Captains: Mrs. Fenimore and Mrs. Buchanan
Rachel Delate
Clare Mazzeo
Bridget Cahir

Team Captains: Ms. Davis and Ms. Keefe
Sydney Sobczyk
Victoria Steinhoff
Emma Spadaccini

Team Captains: Mrs. Vintigni and Mrs. Pugliese
Caroline Scalora
Madison Barnett
Margo Nauman

Team Captains: Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Burris
Carter Vaughan
Ann Ward
Tingwei Shi

Team Captains: Ms. Wilk and Ms. Scarpone
Grace Taggart
Julianna LeNoir
Lydia Olivere