The Fourth Annual French Film Fest


Amanda Jose

Decorations for the French Film Fest

Students in French 3 and 4 had the opportunity to make films and show them off to friends and relatives during the French Film Fest on Feb. 28. This was the fourth year that they were assigned French poems to illustrate and narrate as a film.

The Film Fest actually stemmed from an experiment I tried during an eighty-minute class one day,” Mrs. Boyle, a French teacher, said. “I was so impressed with the student work, I decided we needed to run with it.”

Students were given the option to choose one out of four possible poems to base their films on: “Je vis, Je Meurs,” “Déjeuner du matin,” “Demain dès l’aube,” “Harmonie du Soir,” and “Liberté.” They were graded on pronunciation, artistic interpretation, and accuracy of the interpretation.

“It takes a lot of time and commitment to create a video that’s put together, and to learn how to pronounce some of the difficult adjectives,” said Caitlin Stoddard, a senior.

The festival started with a “red carpet” arrival and proceeded into an optional French-themed dinner which the CulinArt team prepared. After all the films were viewed, awards, called “Frenchies,” were given out for a variety of categories.

“My favorite part was seeing everyone else’s interpretations of the poems, especially seeing the mix of literal and symbolic interpretations,” sophomore Annamarie Warnke said.