Students Celebrate French Culture


Maddy H. '21

Ellie Vavala recreates Claude Monet’s Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies.

Amanda J. '21, Reporter

An entire week was dedicated to spreading French culture around Padua, allowing students to join in on fun French-themed activities.

“We wanted Padua to have something special to encourage students to love the languages they study,” Mrs. Burris, a French teacher, said. “It is one of our department goals to have more of these special themed days or weeks.”

Mrs. Boyle, one of the French teachers, came up with the idea a few years ago. The purpose of French Week is for students to have the opportunity to learn more about the French language, culture, and heritage.

“French Week is a week to highlight the beautiful French language and to highlight the exciting elements of French-speaking cultures,” Mrs. Boyle said.

The French culture was incorporated into each school day through a variety of ways. On Wednesday, March 6, students were invited to attend “Painting with an Artist” where students could choose to paint a famous French painting or scene that reminds them of France, French, and Francophone culture.

We got the chance to explore our creativity through art,” Reina Doten, a freshman, said. “My favorite parts about this activity were being able to explore my painting abilities and being able to hang out with my friends.”

Throughout the week, Mrs. Burris read prayers in French and added information about French speakers and how they contributed to the world.

“I really tried hard to think of important French speakers who would inspire and interest everyone,” she said.

French Week concluded on Friday, March 8 with a final prayer from Mrs. Burris. Both Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Burris hope that students learned more about the French culture this week.

“Any time you can celebrate something beautiful like the French language and learn about the cultures and history of where French is spoken, you grow as a person and are better able to appreciate the diverse world around you,” Mrs. Boyle said.