Salesianum vs Padua handling Covid 19

Padua and Salesianum handled things like Coronavirus quite differently. Padua girls and Salesianum boys shared their experiences on how their school is handling this pandemic.

What is the new pace of your school? Dylan French, a Junior at Salesianum, said “school feels a lot more different than before, the workload is a lot more slow!”

Chelsea, a freshman at Padua Academy, has experienced a different pace.“Some teachers are doing their work at a faster pace and some are doing it at a slower pace. I’m still adapting to everything,” she said.

At Padua Academy, most girls agree that it is harder to make friends because they are more isolated and have to stay 6 feet away from each other. At Salesianum, not many people are making any friends because they are hanging around their old ones and not meeting any new people that leaves Salesianum students feeling very isolated. Students from Padua and Salesianum said it’s exceptionally difficult to make new friends. Chelsea said that at Padua, they are doing sports, but unfortunately she could not do any because she was just so busy with dance and School. She said at the dance studio, they dance in boxes and they cancelled many events she was looking forward to.

At Salesianum they are also doing sports. Dylan is a football player from Salesianum and said that “it is hard to play football because we wear masks and it is hard to breathe. I get why we do it but I would like to wear masks and play more games at football.” He said he’s looking forward to the “State Championships!”

Some similarities between the two schools are that both schools are still doing sports, slower pace learning and it’s harder to make friends with Covid. Overall both schools just want their students to learn as much as possible and to be cautious and understand that there is world pandemic happening. Most students think schools being hybrid is a great idea as long as we are doing it right and safe!