Padua Academy Welcomes Mrs. Burris


Morgan S., Reporter

Padua Academy welcomes Mrs. Burris, one of our new Spanish teachers. Mrs. Burris is a Padua graduate and grew up in Wilmington, DE. She attended University of Delaware where she started majoring in theatre, and then changed to a French major with Italian minor because she wanted to travel with the study abroad program. Mrs. Burris said, “I went to France the first time in 2000 when I was a junior. I also did my Masters at U of D. I loved it there that much. It was an incredible opportunity.”

Mrs. Burris attended Padua for high school and graduated in 1998. This is Mrs. Burris’ first year teaching at Padua, but when asked how has Padua changed since she attended high school here, she responded, “It has changed, but it hasn’t. There is more vigorous course work, but there is still the same loving community.”

Before teaching, Mrs. Burris had a waitressing job at the Italian Bistro. After the waitressing job, she was teaching language at Elkton Middle School to 7th and 8th graders.   Mrs. Burris loved learning languages in school and wanted to share that love. “I want to help others love it,” she adds. When talking about her favorite part about being a Spanish teacher she said, “I love the other teachers in the department and I am teaching something fun!”

In her spare time, she enjoys going on walks and hikes with her two kids, Preston and Audrey.  It is very clear that Mrs. Burris enjoys her job here at Padua! She puts a lot of energy into each and every lesson. When asked what her favorite part of Padua was she answered, “I love seeing so many smiling people everyday.”