Which platform do people prefer to communicate with?

Nowadays there are many different platforms to choose to communicate with. With so many choices to pick, there are many different preferences.

Maddie Hauser is a junior at Washington Township High School who typically uses Snapchat.

“Everyone has snap so it’s much easier to say ‘Hey what’s your Snap’ instead of giving someone your number digit-by-digit.”

Hauser thought there were several reasons why Snapchat is the best platform. “Snapchat is probably the most popular social media platform amongst teens and it’s fun to be able to casually take selfies and send selfies back and forth with friends,” she said. “ There’s a lot of funny filters and you can make private stories, and even calls.”

Hauser said she only uses iMessages for group chats and Instagram for posting and looking at others’ posts.

Abi Sloan, a student in Washington Township High School, disagreed. Sloan said she prefers Instagram because she prefers its features, including seeing who is online and who reads her messages.

“On iMessages you can turn that feature off, but for Instagram you can see who is online and who has read your messages,” she said.

This isn’t the only reason Sloan prefers Instagram. “Instagram group chats are also always the best kind of group chats,” she said.

Mayar Maarouf, a sophomore at Clearview High School, disagreed with both Hauser and Sloan. She said iMessages are easier.

“In iMessages I can just text someone a question and not be expected to Snap back and forth ‘till the end of time. A lot of people also don’t open snaps, so if you really need to communicate with someone, definitely go with iMessages.”

Although everyone has a different preference and opinion they will still enjoy using other platforms and overall connecting with people.