Superheros In Scrubs

Jessica Alvarez, a respiratory therapist, wearing a N95 mask and face shield along with other protection ready for work.

Coughing all around, healthcare workers in a panic, and code blues being alerted left and right. Healthcare workers never thought the pandemic would get this bad or last this long. However, over 200 days later, it continues to impact their daily lives.

Aside from doctors, the often-considered healthcare workers, there are many other jobs in the field such as surgeons, registered nurses, and respiratory therapists.

Respiratory therapist, Jessica Alvarez, said, “Respiratory therapists work with doctors in critical care and acute care settings with patients that have respiratory diseases. We respond to code blues [cardiac arrest], we put and take people off of ventilators. We manage people on vents throughout the whole time they are on one. We draw blood, give nebulizer treatments, give people with asthma medication, and work with patients that have respiratory problems.”

ER nurses were also affected by the pandemic. Although they already have to work with emergency cases, Covid-19 increased their daily stress and patient intake.

Dan Carbone, an ER nurse, in his PPE (or personal protective gear) at work

ER nurse, Dan Carbone, said, “At the high point of the pandemic we were seeing about 50 paitients a day just come in positive with covid, on top of other patients. Now that covid has kind of cooled down, maybe 5 patients a day are positive.”

Although some healthcare workers have been in this job for many years, the pandemic is still new to them as well as the protocols that come with it. Their daily work life has been altered to keep them safe.

“[My] work life has changed by having to wear two masks everyday, PPE [personal protection equipment], more patients come in a day, and I have to be more careful so that I dont bring the virus home to my family,” said Dan Carbone.

The pandemic has affected many lives, especially healthcare workers. However, we would all rather covid take a few months than our whole lives. Everyone needs to realize they are putting their lives at risk everyday. Stay safe and stay home, wear your masks, and social distance.