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Hailey C. '24, Staff

As the 2020 school year began, the front steps of Padua became flooded with new faces from many places. Among these new faces is Hailey Carbone, who knows how she plans to leave her own mark at Padua.

Hailey is a fourteen year old freshman attending Padua this year. She concluded her 8th grade year at Kingsway Regional Middle School in Swedesboro, New Jersey. She has an older brother who attends Salesianum. She describes herself as a leader; she is someone who always takes charge when completing tasks such as group projects and assignments. She also considers herself to be very organized and ready to take on anything. 

Deciding where to attend high school is a big deal, and Hailey discussed her ultimate decision to attend Padua Academy over any other school.

“I admired the fact that the thought of a sisterhood was embraced throughout all of Padua,” Hailey said. “I could feel right as I walked in that every student in every grade felt like they belonged and were accepted for who they are.” 

During her time at Padua, Hailey plans to be a part of the Competitive Cheer Team starting sophomore year. She started the sport when she was in sixth grade. She was drawn to the sport because many of her friends were doing it and had already been on teams. They encouraged her to try out, and she knew she wanted to continue to be a part of the competitive cheer community.

Many people have been affected differently by the pandemic that is occurring this year, and Hailey was no exception.

“I have lost a few of my friends during this pandemic,” Hailey said. “Our connections were lost because no one had the motivation to reach out to anyone during this horrific time. I’m also not going to school with them anymore, so I won’t be able to see them on a regular basis. And then all of these things just made me realize that we all took so much for granted.”

Hailey aspires to enter the nursing field as a maternity nurse to aid new mothers and their children. She is inspired to pursue this career because both of her parents work in the medical field, so she grew up around them working in the hospital. She also watches “Grey’s Anatomy”, a show on Netflix and ABC about doctors and nurses working throughout a hospital, which sparked her interest as well.

Hailey is so excited to join the sisterhood this year. A good friend, peer, and student, Hailey knows she will leave her footprint in the “big box of love” and share her true individuality throughout her time at Padua.

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Hailey C. '24